What we do and how we help

We work with people in a number of ways. Mostly around the subjects of creativity and communication.

We help individuals and businesses to:

  • Find their voice by crafting presentations and writing great content.
  • Share their work by presenting and communicating with confidence
  • Build their ideas by creating and developing amazing work into compelling content


Find your voice

Crafting presentations and writing great content.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is more important than ever. Delivering a keynote, pitching for a new piece of work, or drafting your latest blog series. Understanding the way words and visuals work can make the difference between a sale and bad online review.

You want your pitch, keynote or web content to be engaging and (dare we say it) exciting. We support you to improve both your visuals and writing in digital and printed formats. We use stories and story structure to breathe life into your work – from everyday business communications to creative copy and layout.

Share your work

Presenting and communicating with confidence.

Speaking in front of others can feel intimidating. But your run-of-the-mill presentation training can be equally as bad. The hideous filming in front of strangers, the instruction to stand in odd positions and the trainer’s constant need to turn you into something you’re not. We prefer to do things a little differently.

We work with your natural style and help you use the tools that work best for you. We focus as much on what’s going on inside your head as we do on developing your voice and body skills. Conducting small group workshops, coaching individuals or designing large scale programmes, we help you to communicate in ways that match the story thinking of your audience’s brain.

Build your ideas

Creating and developing amazing ideas.

Your business needs to keep evolving and innovating. To be a leader in your market you need to find and share your fresh and frequent ideas. These don’t just arrive fully formed, they need to be cultivated and allowed to develop. Creative thinking is great, but we like to take things further and engage in creative action.

We run regular workshops on generating new ideas and then putting them to work. Getting from a blank page to a brilliant idea is only part of the process. Once we’ve helped you generate the idea, we’ll also focus on helping you identify what you need to do to develop it and put it on its feet ready for an audience.