We use story methods to bring learning to life.

Our story method.

Over the years we’ve developed a great way of working with our clients. We want to help you the right way.

In order to make sure you get the best value from our relationship, and to make sure we know what you’re expecting from us, we use a simple story-led method of working:


  • The beginning

    At the start of the story, the central character is often set a challenge – we start by exploring the world of your story and identify what needs solving.

  • The middle

    The character is thrown into a time of struggle and challenge to achieve their desires – we work with you to establish the right level of challenge and identify potential struggles.

  • The end

    The character achieves what she was looking for while learning new things she never knew she needed – we work towards clear outcomes that you can measure in the behaviour of your people or customers.

Our story

Meet the team

Geraint Thomas

Senior Consultant and Head of Learning

Jonny Arrowsmith

COO and Head of Content

Amanda Arrowsmith

Senior Consultant and Head of People

Simon Arrowsmith

Founder and Head of Story

Fiona McBride

Senior Consultant and Facilitator