Stories for change and inspiration

Main character: Nestlé Purina, Professional and Nestlé Waters

The Plot: Using story crafting and sharing techniques to improve the way Nestlé communicates to its people, partners and customers.

Beginning: Our work with Nestlé started out as a simple two-hour workshop to help groups of senior leaders from across their European businesses to explore the use of stories in their communications. The sessions were delivered to group of six individuals as part of a broader leadership programme.

Middle: Following on from the success of the smaller workshop we were asked, both by individuals who attended and by a number of Communications and HR teams, to support in the delivery of longer and more in-depth sessions. We ran a two-day programme for Purina UK on using stories to bring their communications to life, a one day session (also for Purina) to help management to define change messaging, and began consulting with Nestlé Professional on redefining their Employer Brand story.

End: We continue to work with individuals and groups within Nestlé, now as an approved supplier. Most recently we have been engaged by Nestlé Waters to support another change programme with storytelling tools to engage people around a new set of working practices. This work continues into 2018/2019.