Crafting stories from data and story-led events

Main character: Edelman Berland & Edelman (Global Leadership Team)

The Plot: Supporting a broad group of individuals to effectively communicate complex data using story

Beginning: Edelman Berland is the marketing and insights division of the world’s largest PR company. Already excellent communicators, the UK team wanted to find a creative and story-led way to connect with the rest of the organisation and with clients. We were asked to create and run a storytelling workshop we called ‘Statistically Speaking’ to help them translate their data into compelling written communications.

Middle: We worked with James Turner (then COO, Edelman Berland UK) and his UK teams to design ‘Statistically Speaking’, a one day event for his core team, using Edelman specific information and content. The session was designed for a range of levels, from CEO all the way through to Personal Assistant. We used our core specialism in storytelling to adapt our existing content to include Edelman’s own stories and data to help the team create new and accessible communication.

End: James and the team left with the tools they needed to communicate more effectively as well as the ability to create and tell better stories. These stories were put into practice immediately on client presentations. As a result we have worked with other divisions of Edelman on a number of other story workshops and large scale events and communication projects in Europe and the USA.