Crafting a brand story

Main Character: Proco Global Senior Leadership Team

The Plot: Defining a set of leadership brand stories, aligned with the core Proco story and obtain the skills to gather internal employee stories.

Beginning: Proco has a charismatic founder in Richard Paisley, but they felt he was the only one able to share their story effectively. Their story continues to be one of speed and expansion in their sector (recruitment within Supply Chain, globally), with reach and employees growing rapidly since they were founded in 2008. Our job was to help get his leadership team to a place where they could interpret Richard’s story into a strong Employer Brand that was ‘sticky’ and easily remembered.

Middle: We worked with the leadership team to define their brand/business story timeline, organisational character and personal leader stories. Through a series of consultancy sessions and workshops we partnered with their internal learning and communications functions to create a set of tools that allowed the leaders to demonstrate their personal origin stories in line with the core theme.

End: The internal comms and people team now uses these tools to develop the employer brand story from our advice and support. By sharing personal stories the leadership team each has an origin story designed to be shared with their teams. They also have the skills to gather their team’s personal brand stories that can form the basis of conversations with clients and candidates.