A story based presenting programme

Main character: Creative design and brand agency, forpeople

The plot: Design and delivery of a pitching and presenting programme that puts story and storytelling at the heart of communications.

Beginning: As is often the case we started small with forpeople. In 2016 we did a series of 121 coaching assignments with senior team and creative individuals. Seeing the immediate benefit of bringing story techniques to their presentations, forpeople asked us to build and run a programme pilot for a specific design team.

Middle: The pilot was a resounding success and gave us an insight into what else was needed to roll out the programme to the broader business. We took a truly blended approach. We built three half day workshops to explore the core practical elements of presenting and story delivery techniques. We based these session on live work, so the  learning was grounded in real-world application within the workshop itself. We provided access to an online portal to house all the theory and examples, and to ensure any face to face time was as practice-led as possible. Finally, we delivered 121 coaching sessions for all attendees to focus in on their specific skills development.

End: We’re two years in and still going strong. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and more than that, the results have shone through. Participants have not only improved their presentation structure and content, but their confidence and delivery skills.