Welcome to Grow the People.

Your people are your biggest asset. A business grows when its people are engaged, developed and dare we say it, loved! We are an organisation and development consultancy, focusing on people, leadership and learning, to help you love your people more!

We design and deliver programmes, build workshops and offer services across a range of specialist areas. We develop your ability to communicate, help you collaborate with others and enhance your leaderships skills. We consult with businesses on how to deliver the best for their people through employee engagement, organisational development, and wellbeing / people ‘best practice’.

We work closely with our sister company Grow the Story in the use of storytelling to enhance our services.

People Development

Creating meaningful and sustainable learning experiences means looking beyond the ‘one-hit wonder’ of a training workshop and instead focusing on ways to bring learning and day-to-day activities together. We’ve been designing and delivering development programmes as individuals for over twenty years. As Grow the People we’ve been doing it for over six years, working with companies as diverse as Sony Pictures, Nestlé and British Gas.

Organisational Engagement

Bringing people on board and helping them to succeed is all about turning them from employees into advocates for your business. They need to love the business. We’ve worked across a broad range of business sectors like publishing, finance and professional services to support the way those businesses structure and engage their people. Engagement is not enough – the future lies in fandom!


Beyond HR

The role of Human Resources is expanding. The profession is expected to do more with less resources and less time. Sometimes you need a little extra help to get things moving in the right direction. The team at Grow the People have all had successsful careers in-house, as well as being external consultants for HR teams. We’ve built every element of the employee lifecycle and can add an extra pair of hands, ears or eyes to your team.

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