Motivating your people

The days of the reward carrot are numbered! Using financial rewards to motivate your employees doesn’t always work, and other methods are now being adopted to more effectively inspire people to achieve. It’s time to rethink our methods of motivation. Based on Daniel H. Pink’s model of ‘Motivation 3.0’, we encourage you to move beyond ‘hierarchy of needs’ and ‘hygiene factors’. Throw down the carrot – aspire to inspire!

Through this programme you will:

  • create motivational plans for yourself and your people
  • adopt three key inspirational elements of motivation
  • recognise and understand the behaviours of the people you lead

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The fundamentals (System 2.0) and getting the essentials in place
  • Autonomy (what people need, to feel empowered to act)
  • Mastery (developing and growing exciting opportunities for people)
  • Purpose (using story to create a sense of vision and direction)