Selling with stories

Every great salesperson is a great storyteller. Stories have the power to influence, persuade and move people into action. In a world where more and more products are the same, the differentiator is the story you and your product tells that makes someone buy. Even if you are the product – we’re all in sales now! This workshop focuses on how to create a story that gets people from intent into action quickly!

Through this programme you will:

  • connect benefits lead sales techniques to the power of storytelling
  • learn the successors to the ‘elevator pitch’ and when to employ them
  • explore the use of specific story details to focus the minds of your audience

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The Hollywood pitch plan – learning from the story process of ‘Tinsel Town’
  • ‘Transmedia’ storytelling – using a wide variety of tools to tell your story
  • Ear Power! How to use story-listening as a technique to understand what people really want