Being more assertive

Do you envy those people who seem to be effortlessly confident and assertive? We’ll let you into a secret: there’s a lot of effort, but they hide it well. You might not know it yet, but you are awesome! Sometimes you might need someone else to help you see it. We all have positive attributes that we have to offer, we may just need tools to promote those attributes to others. This workshop develops confidence by balancing our conviction with our connection to create impact.

Through this programme you will:

  • develop your understanding of what it means to be confident and assertive
  • understand and employ methods to grow your own confidence
  • explore the right strategies to balance your conviction and connection

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The ‘blame’ game – understanding responsibility in a situation
  • The assertive growth mindset
  • Identifying role models and cheerleaders
  • The connection and conviction axis