Our work

We work in a number of different ways with our clients. In the area of development for example, we have delivered single workshops, facilitated global team sessions, supported them as part of a wider global curriculum, or used elements to create full programmes of learning.

Our methods, whilst fun and engaging, are underpinned by solid research and theory. We borrow from many fields, but don’t follow just one. We strive to address development form three key perspectives:

  • the head (brain) – using current thinking and research from the fields of neuroscience and psychology
  • the heart (story) – drawing on our specialist experience, working with personal and organisational stories to create meaning for people
  • the hands (game) – getting practical fast, making sure that the experiences we create are active as well as reflective

Workshop Examples

Certain Impact

Being more assertive

Do you envy those people who seem to be effortlessly confident and assertive? We’ll let you into a secret: there’s a lot of effort, but they hide it well. You might not know it yet, but you are awesome! Sometimes you might need someone else to help you see it. We all have positive attributes that we have to offer, we may just need tools to promote those attributes to others. This workshop develops confidence by balancing our conviction with our connection to create impact.

Through this programme you will:

  • develop your understanding of what it means to be confident and assertive
  • understand and employ methods to grow your own confidence
  • explore the right strategies to balance your conviction and connection

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The ‘blame’ game – understanding responsibility in a situation
  • The assertive growth mindset
  • Identifying role models and cheerleaders
  • The connection and conviction axis

Brand U

Developing your personal brand

It’s time to stand out from the crowd! Be brave, be bold, be brand!  Building and maintaining a personal brand is about creating and living an authentic story in a consistent and brand-aware fashion. It’s also about how you do that within the systems and worlds you operate in. This workshop extracts your personal story and builds on it to help you create ‘Brand You’, as well as helping you to form strategies to build brand awareness and operate in relation to other brands.

Through this programme you will:

  • discover a greater sense of what forms your personal brand
  • know how to connect your brand consistently
  • flex your brand within different environments

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • What is a brand and why do I need one?
  • Defining what makes your brand yours
  • Flexing your brand in other worlds
  • Creating connections through consistent story and action


Motivating your people

The days of the reward carrot are numbered! Using financial rewards to motivate your employees doesn’t always work, and other methods are now being adopted to more effectively inspire people to achieve. It’s time to rethink our methods of motivation. Based on Daniel H. Pink’s model of ‘Motivation 3.0’, we encourage you to move beyond ‘hierarchy of needs’ and ‘hygiene factors’. Throw down the carrot – aspire to inspire!

Through this programme you will:

  • create motivational plans for yourself and your people
  • adopt three key inspirational elements of motivation
  • recognise and understand the behaviours of the people you lead

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The fundamentals (System 2.0) and getting the essentials in place
  • Autonomy (what people need, to feel empowered to act)
  • Mastery (developing and growing exciting opportunities for people)
  • Purpose (using story to create a sense of vision and direction)


Building individual performance

Your people are your greatest asset, so it makes sense to invest some time and energy to ensure they are performing at their best. If you understand what makes them tick you can encourage them to grow. Taking some of the core principles of coaching and mentoring we provide tools to help you better empower your people.

Through this programme you will:

  • explore a model for developing individuals to improve their performance
  • demonstrate an understanding of essential coaching models
  • gain insight into how people learn and change key performance behaviours

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • How people learn and why your way isn’t always the best way
  • Developing a development plan for performance
  • Situational coaching, when to use which approach


Creating and growing teams

Imagine you were putting together the best team in the world. Who would you choose? It’s rare that you get this option, so how do you turn your people into your dream team? Build focuses on the key elements a leader needs to help their people connect and become a dedicated, unified team that works toward a common purpose.

Through this programme you will:

  • develop your understanding about how groups and teams function
  • formulate a plan to bring your team together and performing at a higher level
  • receive a toolkit to help you form new teams and re-energise existing ones

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The key to a successful team is trust
  • Develop an ‘open mic’ culture of debate and commitment
  • Setting parameters and agreeing accountabilities
  • Focus on results to grow collective responsibility


Delegating for success

You just started a new management role and you’re already feeling overwhelmed. Don’t panic! You may just need to share the load with your team. Delegating effectively is a skill that will help you to manage your work and develop the skills and knowledge of those you lead. Share shows you how to create opportunities for your people and adopt the right behaviours to ensure you’re working harmoniously.

Through this programme you will:

  • understand how and when to delegate
  • examine your relationship to delegation and form positive habits
  • acquire a toolkit to help you manage and develop the performance of others effectively

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The power of habit – why we don’t delegate
  • How to delegate (based on situational leadership)
  • When to delegate (assessing work and individual competence)
  • Follow up and feedback (ensuring follow through and course correction)

Hear the headlines

Developing customer stories

Customers share stories every day. For those who meet the customer directly, stories are a vital tool, either listening to the stories their customers tell them or telling stories that demonstrate empathy and understanding. This workshop looks at what to listen for in a customer’s story and how to build your own stories that convince.

Through this programme you will:

  • learn how to listen for the key story elements that get to the heart of what customers want
  • develop the ability to use story to help your customers see your point of view
  • create action plans that help your customers before they even know they need it

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • Story listening – what it means to really hear a customer and how to do it
  • Positive narratives – exploring how a story can help where a fact can hinder
  • Connections – recognising where story works and the variety of stories at your disposal


Selling with stories

Every great salesperson is a great storyteller. Stories have the power to influence, persuade and move people into action. In a world where more and more products are the same, the differentiator is the story you and your product tells that makes someone buy. Even if you are the product – we’re all in sales now! This workshop focuses on how to create a story that gets people from intent into action quickly!

Through this programme you will:

  • connect benefits lead sales techniques to the power of storytelling
  • learn the successors to the ‘elevator pitch’ and when to employ them
  • explore the use of specific story details to focus the minds of your audience

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • The Hollywood pitch plan – learning from the story process of ‘Tinsel Town’
  • ‘Transmedia’ storytelling – using a wide variety of tools to tell your story
  • Ear Power! How to use story-listening as a technique to understand what people really want

Run the Show

Leading and managing people

Being the one out in front can be tough. People are looking to your for guidance, support and direction. Becoming an effective leader requires knowing when to lead and when to manage. Run the Show focuses on the roles of leader and manager, and how you need to adapt your behaviours in order to find the right style to bring people with you – making you a super-boss!

Through this programme you will:

  • understand your role in management and what it means to lead people
  • develop an understanding your personal management style
  • form strategies to lead and manage in different situations

The workshop includes the following sessions:

  • Stepping up – what it means to lead people
  • Super-Boss – understanding your leadership archetype and style
  • Situations and strategies – when to manage and when to lead

Clients and case stories


A whole curriculum of workshops

The Creston group of companies covers all aspects of communication, including digital agency TMW and insights arm ICM. We worked with Creston to create a curriculum of workshops. We delivered a series of workshops across the business in storytelling, new leaders, delegation, motivation, team building, creativity and personal brand. The first year of workshops was a success, and the team have already begun delivery a second round in 2014. Click here for more information about Creston.


A full programme of connected workshops

We worked with Zipcar to develop a programme for sixteen of their European managers. The programme included six workshops on leadership and communication. In partnership with the HR team and the delegates themselves we devised a plan that included a management diagnostic and a series of inter-modular learning activities. This allowed the learning to continue between the monthly sessions and ensured the face-to-face workshops could focus on experience over information. Click here to learn more about the Zipcar brand.

S C Johnson

Small bites and stand-alone workshops

S C Johnson are the makers of such iconic brands as Pledge, Mr Muscle and Kiwi shoe products. We started working with S C Johnson as part of their Learning at Work day, delivering bite-size workshops on storytelling, creativity and personal brand. Since that first session we have been back with the team to deliver half day sessions on communication, storytelling for presentations and developing confidence. Click here to find out more about S C Johnson.

Some images of us at work with our sister company Grow the Story